Killer Advice #01 – Should I stay or should I go?

Hey girls! So my name’s Brittany von Beuren, I’m the newest edition to the Circus Killer News team! I’ll be taking your relationship questions or questions for life or whatever and giving you real honest advice from a girl whose been their.

Are first question comes from Caitlyn Fitzpatrick in Denver Colorado. She’s says:


Question: “Dear Brittany,” (that’s me) “My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 years and I’m afraid our relationship isn’t going anywhere. At some point I want to settle down and have kids but I don’t think he wants the same thing. For years I thought he was the one but I’m starting to have second thoughts. Do you think I should give up on the relationship or wait it out and reassess my goals?”


Answer: Hey Caitlyn! First of all, I think its amazing how you were able to stay in relationship for so long. The longest relationship I’ve had lasted four days, but that was all just one date.

I think its important not to give up on your goals. For a sample, I want to be really rich. Like that’s my goal is just to have lots of money. So I decided to get a job at a bank cos that’s where people keep their money at. But then one day they found out that I just can’t learn how to count real good so they fired me. But did that stop me? No. I peed on the desk, stapled a copy of the Declaration of Independence to my bosses head, and I burned that bitch to the ground. That’s just how I roll girlfriend!

My point is this: You can’t let what a man wants to define you. If your man doesn’t want you to have children then you can’t let that be who you are. And if my man wants me to do things to his dead dad while he watches then I’m not gonna let that hold it against me.

Lastly just make sure that having kids is what you want. When we were in middle school my friend Stiffany wanted to do the baby thing, and now she’s like a full time mom and its stressful. Like she has five or six kids and their so annoying and she keeps like forgeting them places. So just like, I don’t know, make sure you put like stickers on them or something so you know where they are.


Thank you for your question Caitlyn! Next time I’ll answer a question is in 2 weeks, make sure you comment on this with you’re own question and maybe I’ll use it, or ask me on Circus Killer’s! Stay tuned to Circus Killer! 🙂 ❤


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By Brittany von Beuren: @BrittyBeuren


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