Killer Advice #03 – How Do I Handle a Cheating Spouse?

I’m back! My name is Brittany von Beuren and your reading Killer Advice where I help you threw any tough relationship issues or life problems. I answer your questions on the first and third thursday of every month!

This weak’s question comes form Katrina Bucchanon of Havorfield, Delaware. She writes…


Question: “Dear Brittany, I’m worried that my husband might be cheating on me. He’s been staying late at work a lot more than usual but when I call his office he’s never there. Charges for expensive things I can’t account for have been appearing on his credit card bill and he becomes defensive whenever I ask to see who he’s texting all the time. We’ve been happily married for 6 years… or so I thought. Do you think he could be cheating on me? If so, how do you think I should handle the situation?”


Answer: Hey Katrina, thanks for coming to me for help. I know this has to be dificult but its okay because I’m here to help!

Okay, so yeah he’s definitely cheatting on you. I’ve seen this sort of thing hapen to many people before, including me. I’ve been both the one getting cheated on and the one getting cheated with so I can tell you both sides of the situation.

Most likely the other woman doesnt even know about you. I cant even tell you how many times a guy has told me his wedding ring was just an engagment ring I fell for it. My point is that you cant see yourself as the only victim here. Cheatting always has two victims and one asshole, and the asshole is usualy the guy in my experiense.

That being siad you defnitly need too confront him. I’ve tried to let things like that go nd not bother me but it never works. The first time I stud up for myself in that way was back when I was still a teenager in florida. Back then my mom and I were always competing over the same guys but there were times when she just wooden’t listen. Even on times we agree’d that serten men were mine she stole them from me anyway because lets be honest shes a total bitch. So in retailation over this one coach at my highschool I stole her house and drove it into the middle of the swamp. Her houses tires got caught in mud and she was stuck their for weeks lmao. Thats when I could aford my own home and drive it up state.

But yea you see what I’m getting at. Dont be afraid to just stand up for your self and cut a hoe down when she needs to be. Put spiders in her shampoo or start a fire in her living room so she knows that hes you’re man and you will fight for whats yours. And yea its probably your husbands fault but like sometimes its easyer to just take down a woman and not a man, like show him that if he hurts you again your not afraid of like stabing someone.


Thats all the time I have for now! I’ll be back in two weeks, make sure you follow me on Twitter and you can ask me questions there, or submit your questions in the comments of this post and I might pick yours to answer! Bye for now 🙂 ❤


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