Killer Advice #04 – Should I Date My Best Friend?

Hey ladies!! It’s me, Brittany von Beuren, Circus Killer News’ official Relationship Expect and Spiritual Advisor! Every week I take one of your questions about love and life and I tell you about things you should be doing with it.

This week’s question comes from my reader Lizzie. She writes…


Question: “Dear Brittany, my best friend for almost a decade has been this guy I met in college. He’s the nicest and most caring guy I’ve ever met but I never thought of him as relationship material. Recently I went through a pretty bad break up and he was the only one who was there for me when I needed someone. I know he wants to take things between us further, and in fact he told me this a few times when we first met, but I don’t know if I’m ready to date again or to risk our friendship. What should I do?”


Answer: Hey Lizzie! First of all you shouldnt be friends with him. Men are only after one thing and its not you’re heart… unless of course he’s like old and needs a new one but that u can avoid by jsut smoking infront of him nd he’ll just take your stemcells instead.

But yea, if theres too things I’ve learned about its that italians will pay you for youre silence more then any other race and that men cant be trusted. even if he takes you for a ride in his racecar or showers you with dimonds or some other painful thing like that, he ultimately just wants you for your body.

Most guys i met arent as presistent as your “friend” here and I think its really cool how you’re able to keep him off a you for that long. But don’t let that barier down, specially now! Men can sense weekness like that and will pounce as soon as he senses your diffenseless or as soon as his wife goes to work. Don’t let your gaurd down!!

So I would realy say this. Don’t be friends with him anymore. The truth is men and women cant be friends. Freinds are people who’s makeup we steel and who we keep around to make fun of for not being as pretty or having a hot guy. And even thow we fight about these things we still comeback together and talk about other girls behind there backs with 4 glasses of wine insted of lunch. Guys get in fights and its like omg suddenley theres war in Uganda and all these peeple are dying and its like… wtf you can just bitch about Germany behind its back all you want but u don’t have to like go there and say it to there face!

My point is this. We have to stick together as women and as co-bitches. Men like youre fiance or boyfreind or whatever is just gonna teare you apart like your friend will also. We hav to depend on eachother to pick us up because I wont step on you! Say yes if you agree with me!! I cant here you because I’m typing this, but I can feel your feminie vibes and its realy turning me on.


So thank you Lizzie for the great question! I’ll be back next week with another, be sure to ask me your questins in the comments AND reach out to me on my Twitter!!! See you in a week! 🙂 ❤


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By Brittany von Beuren: @BrittyBeuren


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