Killer Advice #05 – How Do I Deal with a Bad Roommate?

Its Thursday, which means I’m back! Hello my lovies, I’ve missed you all! If your new, welcome! I’m Brittany, I am Circus Killer News’s Relationship Expert and every week I come here to answer your questions about life and love and whatever you need help with.

This week my question is from a fan, Denise. She says…


Question: “Dear Brittany, I’m a freshman at college and I’m living in a dorm with my best friend from high school. We’ve always been really good friends but these last few months living together have been really difficult… we just get on each other’s nerves so often and we fight all the time. I don’t know what to do, I want my best friend back… should we not live together next year? Is it too late to save our friendship?”


Answer: Hey Denise! Ok so this is typical for women who live together. Its a hormonal thing, we just natureally wanna compeat with other women who could steel our men because their prettyer or just put out more.

I got into situations like this with the only woman ive ever lived with accept me; my mom. When I was a teenager she and I were always at eachothers throughts for who got too date what man or who was steeling who’s birth control pills. I remember we got into this huge fight about who got too sleap with the town Mayer because he was intrested in both of us. We got into like fisical fights and like she tared out my hair and I burned her clothes up and we fouhgt so much that we were too late! The Mayer got grilled up like the rest of Mr. Wethersmit’s cows before he could merry either of us. And then we fought over who got to eat witch parts!!

So yes, living with other girls is a bad idea irregardless of how well you think you know her or how close you think you are. So there are 3 options for you. The first is you find a man to live wit. This is probly the best option cause the right man will take care of you and buy you things so you dont realy have todo anything accept for whenever he asks you too. I use this option a lot and it helps you get around places and to travel cause he can protect you when you get in to something deep like if theres cops after you because you accidentally lit a girl onfire but its by accident this time.

Another option is to just live a lone. This is defenitely the hardest option though so I do not recomend it, you will have to get money somhow to pay for rent and clothes and sometimes food and stuff. It can be a pane but worth it if your a person who hates everyone and is a total mean bitch who should just be left alone cause your lame.

Then theres the option I go with nd its what i live my life by and it is to not have a home and just go werever you want and do what you please and noone can stop you. Be you’re own woman! You dont need your room mate or even a education, as long as you know what you love and know that women are bitches and men are worse than you can make it where ever you are in life so long as you flash a little something here and there and avoid the jews. Theres nothing you cant do if you follow those rules and dont follow anyone else! Unless you loose your freedom in a poker game, then you do what your new owner says. But like who hasnt been there lol.


Well thats everything for this week! Thank you for the question Denise it was a pleaseure getting to answer it for you. I wish you the best of luck and I’ll see next week!

To the rest of you, make sure you ask me your questions on the comments of this post or tweet at me!

Have an awesome week girls 🙂 ❤


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