Killer Advice #07 – How Do I Get My Boss to Take Me Seriously?

Happy Thursday!! I’m Brittany and welcome to this weeks issue of Killer Advice where I answer the questions about love/life/relationships taht youve been strugling with all week!

This week’s question comes from my reader Allison who’s been having a tough time at work. She says:


Question: Dear Brittany, I’ve been working the same office job for eleven years now and I still have yet to gain the respect of my boss. He treats me differently because I’m a woman and has told me directly to my face that he doesn’t believe a woman deserves to be as high up on the corporate ladder as I am. It all started the first few months I started working here but I think he feels more threatened by me than usual now because I’m in line for a promotion that would essentially make us equals. How do I get him to stop harassing me and treat me with the respect that I deserve?


Answer: Well Allison thank you for writting in. This is a tricky sitchuwation that smart woman like us get in to cause your right, they do feel threatenned and they dont understand that this is our time, not theres.

I think the best thing yuo can do is just sleep wit him. Thing of it this way: if hes married than you can black mail him afterwords to stop. This works a specially well if hes rich and has alot to loose in a divorse. I can garantee that this method will work as i have done it lots of times and to raise enough money for plain tickits, bail money, and plastic surgery.

If hes not married tho then this mite not work. Youll have to resort to more basic methods like for a sample getting som stronger guys you know to just beat his ass in the parkinglot or getting him super drunk at work and than showing every one so they call hr. Basicaly you gotta take him out of play and show him that he doesnt own you, YOU own HIM.

The other thing i can think of is to throw another lady at him. If you hav been there for 11 years your probly super old lol theres gotta be younger babes then you. Get him to chase after them for awhile nd he will forgot about you soonenough. Honestly if your age is larger then your cup size then your done anyway lol.


That’s it for this week! I’ll see you next Thursday, until then live life to the fullest and don’t stop asking me questions on the comments here and on Twitter! 🙂 ❤


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