Killer Advice #10 – How Do I Deal with a Stalker?

Hey ladeis! Im Brittany von Beuren and its thursday which means im back for another addition of Killer Advice on Circus Killer News!

This weeks question comes from a fan of mine named Sherri in Idaho. She writes…


Question: Dear Brittany, I’m afraid someone might be stalking me. Recently I’ve been getting these weird, unknown phone calls but when I answer them I just hear someone breathing. In the mail I’ve been getting these envelopes with no return address that are just filled with pictures of me through the windows of my home. And last week I heard the doorbell ring, but when I answered there was just a dead animal on my step, like a cat or something. And a note that said “Call the cops and I can’t protect you nomore.” I’m terrified out of my mind, Brittany. What should I do??


Answer: Thank you for asking me Sheri becos this is serius issue that shoudnt be taken litely. Ive dealt with meny stalkers before and have stalked meny men before so I know exactly what yuo and him are both goin threw.

First of all, DONT call the police. You dont want to risk it if he snot bluffing an in my a sperience most stalkers are cops anyway. The best think you can do is would be too finding out who he is and take maters into your own hands and too stalkerproof your home. Ill tell you how to do that now

So theres this great movie called home alone that have all the tips you will need but it will take alot of time to fix your house up like that. The best thing you could do if you wanted him to stop wood just be too fake your own death. This is something Ive done many many times so I could give u exact tips on that personaly. If thats not somethin you want than you could slowly do things to apeese him over time, like just leaveing out clumps of your hair and nails on your doorstep for him too pikcup. He wont hurt you if show cowopperation.

But in truth why would u wannem to stop? Enjoy the atention! Its hard to get that kindof divocean from a guy, a specially someone you havent even teased or did hand stuff with. Im sure he just wants whats best for you, I dont think he will realy harm you if you just sacfrice some of your freedom an do what he says. Whats the big deal?


Well thats all the time we have for this week! Keep asking your questions in the commnets or ask me directly on Twitter! Have a good week!! 🙂 ❤


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