Jacob S. Wydra  –  Circus Killer News’  lead reporter and editor-in-chief.  Jacob founded Circus Killer when he inherited his family’s internet quarry at a young age.  At first, Circus Killer was nothing more than a lighthearted,  trivial footnote on the bootstraps of media history,  but all of that changed when the love of Jacob’s life was killed by fiendish media conglomerates who realized Circus Killer’s potential before Jacob did and wanted him silenced.  This,  of course,  only angered the budding internet mogul and Tae Kwon Doe 2nd degree Black Belt champion,  and Jacob has since devoted his life to building up his empire so as to squash the giants responsible for his suffering.  And he won’t stop writing jokes and funny stories until his vengeance is complete…

You can reach Jacob S. Wydra through his Twitter page: @jswydra

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