Insecure Coworker Ready For Halloween

Office manager Wade Mikael of Bedhurst, Delaware, has reportedly spent the day demonstrating to his coworkers that he is already prepared for this year’s Halloween. Wade has been distracting his coworkers by sharing pictures of his decorations and costumes, and expressing his contemptible interest in the child’s holiday.

“I was sitting at my desk, trying to write my T.P.S. report,” says coworker Mandy Hoffe, “when Wade appeared with his iPhone and shows me so many goddamn photos of his house. I mean, yeah, it was impressive how many skeletons and spiders and cutouts he had up, but really, who gives a shit?”

Wade expressed to another coworker, Dawn Somner, that he had purchased eleven different Halloween costumes because he couldn’t decide what he wanted.

“If you’re that into Halloween,” says Dawn, “then you make one homemade costume each year, and that’s it. This is just sad.”

Some of Wade’s coworkers recall that Halloween was a big thing for him and his wife Alice for the last few years, but they split up over the summer. No one in the office is looking forward to Wade’s annual Halloween party at the end of the month.

“It’s going to be the most awkward party I’ve ever been to,” says Dawn. “Well, the most awkward party on land, anyway. I think most of us just aren’t going. There’s only so much sympathy that we as human beings can feign, you know?”

Wade bombarded Greg from accounting with photos of his decorations, stories of where he obtained them and how much they cost, and assurances that this year’s Halloween party is going to be the best one ever. This proved to be the height of the day’s awkwardness, as Wade is still unaware that his wife Alice is currently living with Greg, and that they’ve been lovers for almost a year.


Written by J. S. Wydra

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13 Tips for Trick-or-Treat Safety

Trick-or-treating is been a favorite Halloween tradition among youngsters ever since the 13th century B.C.E. Unfortunately, however, it has become one of the most dangerous activities for children ever since the white man invaded sacred ground, so follow these 13 tips for a safe night of looting your neighbor’s homes for sugar and the worst thing you’ll get this year is a bellyache!


1. Dress up as a giant ball of light so you can be seen by oncoming traffic.

2. Make sure everyone in your company is trick-or-treating with police dogs that can sniff out any tampered candy.

3. It’s a little-known fact that clowns are terrified of sawdust, so in the wake of recent “killer clown” sightings across the country it’s a good idea to cover yourself in sacks of sawdust.

4. Litter your neighborhood with landmines so if you ever get chased by a maniac you can lead them to their unwitting demise.

5. Wear a thick, heavy raincoat. Climate Change could strike at any moment.

6. Millions of American children die in accidents every year because they text while trick-or-treating. Don’t be one of them.

7. Get all your trick-or-treating done before sundown. You’ll get the best candy, be much safer and give your classmates something to laugh about.

8. On Halloween you’re just as susceptible to germs as ever, so dress up as a bar of soap.

9. If you’re an adult concerned about the safety of neighborhood children, pick a young trick-or-treater and follow him or her around in your car all night.

10. Avoid trick-or-treating at houses of Clinton supporters, you’re liable to get healthy treats.

11. Avoid trick-or-treating at houses of Trump supporters, you’re liable to get shot.

12. Just buy candy.

13. Murder clowns and serial killers are out there, be always stay vigilant for the real killer of Halloween – diabetes.


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12 Lesser-Known Halloween Traditions

For many, Halloween means dressing up as their favorite fictional characters, watching scary movies and handing out candy to sweet-toothed youngsters. But the holiday has been around for a while and has moved between nations, so many of the classic Halloween traditions have lost their voice… and some have just started getting popular. Here is a list of some lesser-known Halloween traditions.


Often, ordinary women will dress down to appear their sluttiest, while nuns will dress down to appear as ordinary women.

Hitting anyone who uses the term “Spooktacular.”

Handing out eggs and toilet paper so youngsters can trick the houses with subpar candy.

Slathering lamb’s blood on your doorframe to ward off Death.

Children enjoy bobbing for apples, while adults enjoy bobbing for contraceptives.

On Halloween night, if you stand in front of a mirror with the lights off and say “Zachary Quinto” three times, the actor will appear behind you and steal your eyebrows.

Promoting diabetes.

Starting drunken brawls with any person also wearing your costume.

Recently, haunted hayrides are being overshadowed by the increasingly popular haunted Zipcar scene.

Giving trick-or-treaters a fright by handing out copies of Gary Busey films.

Completing the harvest.

Some like to hollow out pumpkins, but the truly spirited will make their jack-o-lanterns out of human heads.


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Haunted Escalator Claims Another Victim

The Central Valley Mall in Arken, Arizona, has been the site of a series of deaths that many believe to be perpetrated by a haunted escalator. The most recent death occurred last Saturday when Delia Santiago, a 46-year-old orthodontic receptionist, fell down the up escalator for 20 minutes.

The escalator, referred to by superstitious locals as the “Stairway to Hell,” has been considered haunted since 1981 when a mall patron suffered a heart attack on it after spotting a corduroy sale in a nearby OshKosh B’Gosh. Since then it’s been rumored that the spirits of the men and women who have died on the automatic staircase inadvertently trip the living while scrambling to finally reach the second floor.

Delia Santiago’s is the fifth death attributed to the Stairway to Hell. The escalator is located in the center of the mall between a Cinnabon, a Forever 21 and another Cinnabon.


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Grave Robber Guiltily Reduces Self to Grave Loiterer

Dalton Parsons, a Kentucky small-town creep and lifelong admirer of dead things, was recently struck by a bout of self-reproach over his morbid hobbies. Parsons frequently snuck into local cemeteries to exhume freshly dead corpses and remove any valuables that might have been buried along with the deceased, which for Parsons came with the added bonus of being able to look at a dead guy for some time.

Recently, however, Parsons has lost his appetite for the necrotic and has found pleasure in just hanging around graveyards for a bit. While still creepy, many are relieved by Parsons’ change in habit. Among them was Heaven’s Hill Cemetery caretaker Samuel Walsh.

“Don’t get me wrong,” said Walsh, “it’s still super creepy. If I could prove anything I’d have that weirdo locked up for life. At least he’s not damaging anything now.”

Police won’t do anything about Parsons because it’s rumored that making eye contact with the deviant can cause one’s hair to fall out. For now, residents will have to hope that Parsons continues to keep to himself and ride out his sudden remorse to a place of normality.


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Local Teens Disappointed After Night in Haunted House Goes as Expected

A group of teenagers from Boston recently stayed in the “Bloody Shutter House,” a small mansion outside of the city that has been abandoned since a string of murders in the 1970s, and were greatly disappointed upon discovering the house’s urban legends turned out to be true.

The house was finished in 1897 and traded homeowners frequently in the 80 years before its indefinite foreclosure, with every owner going insane, committing suicide, or being murdered by a loved one. It’s said that if any group stays in the house overnight a week before Halloween, at least one person will die in it.

This is precisely what happened when six attractive teenagers decided to brave the infamous house last Saturday. Over the course of the night, the teens were picked off one by one by vengeful spirits and possessed peers. Though horrifying, none of them were moved by the ordeal since they all entered the house expecting this to happen.

Only two teens survived the incident. One of them, Brett Farley, star quarterback of the football team and Homecoming King contender, was responsible for the deaths of three of his friends that night and will likely live out his days in a sanitarium. The other survivor, Kelly Mitchell, a popular blonde cheerleader and widely regarded attention whore, was generally unimpressed by the incident.

“I mean it was kinda scary I guess,” said Kelly in an interview while she texted her backup friends. “When you know what’s gonna happen it’s not that scary though. Brett’s always been kind of a douche, I sorta figured he’d be the one to go crazy.”

Kelly returned to school on Monday, unshaken by the terrifying event. It’s rumored that another group of friends will try to stay in the Bloody Shutter House tonight, electing to bring Netflix-enabled devices in case the murders get too boring.


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Nation’s Ghosts Angered by Commercialization of Halloween

The year’s Halloween spirit is threatened by a number of angry spirits – many American ghosts have been speaking out against the capitalization of Halloween. Specters across the nation are convinced that the holiday has more to do with candy sales than it does with scaring the living.

“It’s become an abomination,” says Winston Montgomery III, former owner of a Virginia mansion who was murdered in his bedroom in 1938 and haunts the grounds to this day. “Scaring people on Halloween night used to be a time-honored tradition that I looked forward to year after year. Now I can’t so much as move a utensil or appear in a mirror without a five-year-old dressed as a superhero or a princess showing up at the door every five minutes.”

Many ghosts and ghouls are blaming candy manufacturers for the change in the holiday’s traditions. Workers at chocolate factories and candy stores across the nation have been receiving death-threats all month long, which haven’t been taken seriously since the people making these threats are proof that death isn’t really a big deal.

The dead decided to make their plight public over the weekend by attempting to organize a march in Chicago, but this proved fruitless since most of them didn’t have legs.


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.