12 Oscar Facts You Never Knew

The Oscars are this Sunday and the buzz has already started. Millions of Americans will be switching on their TVs to see their favorite stars, glitzy performances, and those nerds who win “Sound Design” or whatever.  But there are some things about the Academy Awards that you might not know, for example that the Academy Awards and the Oscars are the same thing.  Here are 12 more insane facts about the Oscars:


1. The first Oscar statues were anatomically correct. The non-gender-conforming model that is used today is the result of a petition by Jane Fonda.

2. Initially the Academy Awards ceremony began as a means of thinning out the Hollywood elite. Winners would be killed and have their skin converted into film.

3. Oscars are only coated in gold. They’re dark chocolate on the inside.

4. It is expected that by the year 2050, the “Best Picture” category will hold 35 nominees.

5. “Oscar Sunday” is one of the biggest days for gambling. People bet on everything from who will win certain awards to which actresses will cry the most to whether or not James Franco is wearing underwear.

6. Steven Spielberg is given an Award for “Best Director” every year.

7. 84% of men say they only watch the Oscars for the dresses.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio gave a poor tip to a gypsy who was working as a waitress. She cursed him, and he has never won an Oscar since.

9. It is rumored that the Academy will host a second awards ceremony next year that will be exclusively for minorities. The two ceremonies will be completely separate, but still equal.

10. Most winners are actually determined by a psychic octopus.

11. Every time NBC hosts the Oscars, they get cancelled mid-ceremony.

12. Nicolas Cage has won more Oscars than anyone else in film history, and film future.


By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra
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How To Dress Successfully

Hello, I’m John Francais Callahan. My entire life has been one upward journey from the lower-middle class to the top 1%. I got where I am today through hard work, detachment and a series of payoffs. And now I offer my wisdom in this weekly column here on Circus Killer News.

Today I am addressing an issue that has slowly been eating away at our nation’s integrity since the end of the Civil Rights Movement. I’m talking of course about the public dress code, or lack thereof. For decades, men in this country have slowly been easing back on the acceptability of children’s attire. It is now nearly impossible to walk one block without seeing a man wearing a t-shirt they obtained from a rock music concert in 2006, a hat being worn in the wrong direction, and a pair of loose-fitting shorts that were undoubtedly used to mop up cereal at some point. It is shameful to look at and I feel inclined to detail precisely how a man should dress himself if he wishes to be successful.

I should also clarify that this has nothing to do with the Civil Rights Movement and everything to do with Henry Fonda’s failures as a parent.


1. Suit. The phrase “a man is only as good as he dresses” is true to a degree. A man is also as good as the car he drives, the homes he owns, the women he’s slept with and the boats he’s taken those women out on shortly before they disappear. The reason why that phrase is true is because all of those things cost money. The more of those things you have, the more value you have as a human being. Ergo, the better the suit, the more valuable the man.

The Italians are good at three things – running small businesses, denying things in a court of law, and making suits. This is why Italian suits are the most expensive and why there is no Italian word for “embezzlement.” All of my suits are imported from Italy and probably cost more than your car. I wear each of them four times before selling them to a company that recycles old suits into coffin lining for dead Fortune 500 CEOs. This is the goal you want to work towards.


2. Necktie. A man’s tie represents his manhood. Your tie needs to be full, appropriately colored and made out of the same silk as Lou Dobbs’ hair. The only traditionally accepted colors are red, blue and occasionally black if you have a serious engagement to attend to, such as a horse’s funeral or a Bar Mitzvah. Every other color of tie is reserved for homosexuals; you are allowed to wear them but not too often as it might become offensive.


3. Hat. At no point is wearing a hat ever acceptable. If the Bible has taught us anything it’s that God intended white men to rule the Earth and that hair is directly related to power. By covering your hair with a hat, you are telling your opponents (which are every man that isn’t you) that you are cowardly and unsure of yourself. Hats and the newly formed “Hat Acceptance” movement are a leading cause of the destruction of traditional, American values.

Additionally, if you’re bald, there’s no hope for you.


That is all for this week’s edition of  “How to Succeed.”  I will be back next week with instructions on how to live your life better than however you are living it now.


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By John Francais Callahan: @TheJohnCallahan

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Celeb Watch #02 – Harrison Ford; Kim Kardashian; Justin Bieber

Welcome to this week’s edition of  “Celeb Watch,”  the internet’s number one celebrity gossip blog you’ve never heard of.  Here’s what’s happening this week in the lives of people more important than you:


1. Harrison Ford Beaches Submarine

Last week, actor Harrison Ford crashed a small plane on a golf course while flying it recreationally. The star of films such as Star Wars and Blade Runner made a speedy recovery and was released from the hospital a few days later, however early this morning Ford reportedly beached a small one-man submarine on a shore just outside of Los Angeles. Early reports say that the actor will probably be okay, however authorities have begun impounding his vehicles so that he doesn’t wreck anything else when he is released from the hospital. The state of California might suspend his driving license, boating license, piloting license, spaceship license and horse license pending a hearing sometime this month, according to some reports.


2. Kim Kardashian Comes Out as Blond

Kim Kardashian shocked some of her fans this week when she revealed that she is actually a blonde. The announcement was made via social media when Kim posted several images of her true self via Instagram. Many of her friends and family say they have always suspected this about Kim but didn’t want to address it until she was comfortable enough to say it first. No word yet on how this might affect her modeling career or acting career or whatever it is that she does exactly, but so far her fans and the blonde community have been nothing but supportive.


3. Justin Bieber Publishes Dissertation on Swagger

And lastly for this week, Justin Bieber has published his dissertation on swagger, titled “The Nature of Swag, Girl,” which he wrote to receive his doctorate in music. The young pop sensation has been trying to earn his doctorate from Turnt University for several years now and hopes to become the next big doctor of music since Dr. Dre. Some time this summer, Bieber will have to defend his dissertation in front of a panel of seasoned musicians who include Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams.


That’s it for gossip this week.  Check back this Tuesday for more and every other weekday for other stories.


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Man’s Confidence Teetering on Whether or not New Tie Gets Noticed

41-year-old office jockey Bill Stamper reported early this morning that his self-esteem will likely spike if just one person at work notices his new necktie.

Stamper has been having a tough couple of months between a messy divorce and a crippling gambling problem. Stamper’s childhood speech impediment where his S’s start to sound like F’s has also returned.

“I juft really need a win right now,” Stamper told reporters. “I’ve been feeling thif immenfe fadneff refently and I juft want fomeone to notiff.”

Reporters then stopped taking quotes from Stamper because it was the most ridiculous speech impediment any of them had ever heard.

In an effort to feel on top again, Stamper purchased himself an expensive new necktie. It’s red with purple splotches all over it; much more jazzy than his typical beige or dark blue ties. Stamper believed at the time that it might make him look a little more attractive and in control of his life.

Stamper came into work this morning wearing the tie and found that nobody saw the new and improved Bill Stamper. His coworkers continued to ignore him and forget his name or that he worked there. Stamper promised himself that if just one person notices his new ensemble he would decide to play online poker tonight, but so far it isn’t looking good. More on this at 11 (unless Stamper continues to be boring, in which case we’ll have to drop the story).


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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Nihilist’s New Tattoo Not Representative of Anything

Reggie Hawker, a 28-year-old drug store cashier and recently self-proclaimed “nihilist” just got his newest tattoo of a serpent with an assault rifle finished, however Reggie claims that his beliefs forbid him from acknowledging the tattoo as representative of anything.

“The truth is, and no one will tell you this because everyone else is blind,” said Reggie, “everything in this world is meaningless. We’re just shadows on the ever changing reflecting pool of existence, drifting through the echoes of blackness and infinity. Everything we do comes from the void, so everything we do becomes void in itself.”

Reggie has many other tattoos from his youth but every one of them meant something to him when he received them. The image on his bicep of a flaming cross impaling the planet with the text “vini, vidi, vici,” for example, was supposed to represent global religious imperialism and expose the agenda behind organized religion. Reggie’s tattoo of a sad clown stabbing the American flag while Spider-Man watches with an erection, meanwhile, was originally representative of Reggie’s father.

Since declaring himself a nihilist, however, Reggie has stopped trying to express himself and has instead decided to make all of his decisions based on nothing. This latest tattoo is a result of that way of thinking.

“I’m telling you, it doesn’t mean anything, man,” Reggie continued, “because nothing does. All my ink from now on I’ll get for no reason at all because that’s the only reason that matters. You know why I got this serpent with the guns right here? Neither do I. Because that’s life, man. Get used to it. Now, do you have your Rite Aid Wellness rewards card?”


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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Man Can’t Put Off Haircut Any Longer

Arthur Mannigan of Blofeld, Virginia, determined this morning that he can’t put off getting a haircut any longer. Arthur initially decided to try and wake up early on Saturday morning to get to Supercuts before the weekend rush. Reflecting on how busy Supercuts is on Saturdays, however, Arthur thought to instead just call in sick tomorrow.

Arthur’s last haircut was at the end of September, and it has since grown longer than he usually wears it. This hadn’t bothered him until his friends and coworkers began verbalizing their opinions of his hair a few weeks ago. The decision to get it cut was officially made this morning when a Starbucks barista mistook Arthur for a woman.

Additionally, Arthur’s wife Carrie has been nagging him to get a haircut for nearly a month now, but Carrie nags about everything so Arthur just sort of tuned it out.

Since the decision, Arthur has been reminding himself all day to place his Supercuts punch card in his wallet when he gets home since he’s only two away from a free haircut. He’s written reminders to himself about the card on his phone, full well knowing that he’s probably going to forget it anyway. Arthur has also been trying to recall the name of the stylist who last worked on him so that he can request her because out of every other stylist there, she talks the least.


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The 15 Best Black Friday Deals of 2014

Many Americans have been shopping since yesterday afternoon to take advantage of those irresistible Black Friday deals. To make things a little easier, Circus Killer went ahead and found the best savings out there to make your shopping experience as efficient as possible. Here are the 15 best deals we could find.


1. Item: Apple iWatch (preorder).
Price: 10% off when trading in $300.00
Available at: The Apple store

2. Item: Summer dresses.
Price: 70% off
Available at: JCPenney

3. Item: Human kidney (2 for 1).
Price: $69.99
Available on: Amazon

4. Item: Cleats for trampling fellow shoppers.
Price: Free
Available at: All Walmart entryways.

5. Item: Leftover turkey.
Price: $16.99
Available at: ShopRite

6. Item: Deepest sinful desires.
Price: Your eternal soul.
Available at: Any demonic summoning.

7. Item: About three dozen diseases.
Price: For leaving your home.
Available at: All shopping malls.

8. Item: Fondle-Me-Freddie™ (with specially included fingly ticklers).
Price: $29.95
Available at: Everywhere toys are sold.

9. Item: Brand new Ford F-150
Price: $40
Available at: Select Midwestern dealerships.

10. Item: Red Ryder carbine-action two-hundred shot range model air rifle.
Price: $10.99
Available in: 1946

11. Item: Basic Instinct on VHS video.
Price: $0.45
Available at: MovieStop

12. Item: Jar of children’s teeth.
Price: $42.11
Available on: Craigslist

13. Item: Plans to the Death Star.
Price: The lives of countless Bothan spies.
Available on: Yavin IV.

14. Item: Medium-sized Korean family.
Price: $299.99
Available at: Target

15: Item: Good, wholesome Christian values.
Price: Free
Available: Everywhere since the Lord is within all of us.


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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Artsy Burglar Compelled to Rearrange Unorganized Home

A family in Washington State was surprised to come home from their Disney Land vacation over the weekend and find their house broken into and de-cluttered. The burglar, Mitchell Mathesen, was caught early this morning and claimed he felt obligated to give the family a home makeover upon seeing the messy state the home was in.

“The feng shui was way off.” Mathesen said in his confession to the police. “I don’t understand how anyone could live like that. How could they possibly entertain guests on good conscience?”

Mathesen had intended to steal jewelry, cash and whatever valuable electronics he could carry. Shortly after breaking into the Walsch’s home, however, he abandoned his original goal and made redecorating his “project of the day.”

The Walsch family, meanwhile, are trying to treat the break-in positively. “I don’t think I like what he did with the furniture arrangement in the living room,” said mother Cheryl Walsch, “but the kids’ bedrooms have never looked nicer. I haven’t seen their clothes folded and put away so neatly in years.”

Mathesen could face up to 8 years in prison for breaking & entering and styling under the influence.


Circus Killer News: @circuskillernws
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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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12 Tips for Making Pictures of Your Newborn More Interesting

The happiest moment of your dreams has come true – you’ve brought a new life into the world. Obviously you’re eager to share your excitement, but your friends, family and coworkers might not be as enthusiastic over children as you are. Here are some tips to make sure everyone enjoys photos of your newborn:


Take a photo of your child showing off his or her gun collection.

Make sure your baby isn’t sleeping as you’re taking the picture.

Replace your baby photo with a cat photo.

Mix things up by showing your child using a napkin.

Your baby will look better in each photo if he or she is surrounded by other babies who aren’t as cute.

Place your child on a predatory animal before taking each photo.

Post all your photos on Facebook instead of showing them directly to people so that they’re easier to ignore.

Join the rest of the 21st century and take a video.

Use Photoshop to make your baby look thinner and more attractive.

Take your baby photos when your child is actually doing something impressive, such as breaking a land speed record or solving a complex mathematical theorem.

Wait about 20 years.

Quit being a fascist and let your child take its own damn pictures.


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Others to Design Stylish Facemasks for Ebola Fearful Fashionistas

Many American companies are responding to the nation’s fear of Ebola. Among them are high-end fashion designers who aim to give their customers a chic peace of mind. Marc Jacobs is leading the campaign to bring fashionable facemasks to the American people who want to feel safe from the spread of Ebola without sacrificing their looks.

The masks will appear similar to the surgical masks worn during the 2003 SARS epidemic, only outfitted with labels and stylish patterns. Other fashion designers are jumping on the idea, going so far as adding elegant HAZMAT suits to their upcoming fashion lines.

To be clear, Ebola is not actually airborne as of right now, but the target market for the designers participating in this endeavor are the same people who pay hundreds of dollars for a handbag, so the masks should do pretty well.


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