Top Cause Of Death In All 50 States (Part 1)

The United States, if nothing else, is a violent place. Millions of Americans die every year from a myriad of causes. Circus Killer News wants its readers to be safe, so we went around the country to investigate the top cause of death in each state. This highly accurate two-part list will help you be prepared for the real dangers in your area.
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1. Vermont: getting hit by a Subaru Outback.

2. Alaska: alien abduction.

3. Wisconsin: burning alive after falling into a giant vat of melted cheese.

4. South Carolina: Civil War reenactment mishap.

5. Maine: getting trapped in a Stephen King novel.

6. Utah: suffocating during the final stage of the Mormon initiation ceremony.

7. Missouri: getting strangled on a riverboat.

8. Indiana: severe depression after missing the winning shot at a high school basketball game.

9. Arkansas: boredom.

10. Idaho: poor nutrition resulting from an all-potato diet.

11. Massachusetts: speaking ill of Tom Brady.

12. Oregon: getting dysentery on the Oregon Trail.

13. Florida: eaten by an alligator that slithers through a gaping hole in the side of your mobile home that was created after a stolen ATV crashed into it because the driver was operating the vehicle while drunk and having sex with his ex-girlfriend’s meth-addicted grandmother.

14. Maryland: acquiring an allergy to seafood and subsequently starving to death.

15. Kentucky: atheism.

16. Arizona: overdosing on erectile dysfunction medication.

17. Illinois: gunned down by fedora-clad gangsters.

18. Oklahoma: Texans.

19. Rhode Island: traffic accident while commuting to Providence.

20. Washington: agitating Bigfoot.

21. Virginia: murdered in a conspiracy involving a US politician.

22. Delaware: breaking into Joe Biden’s vacation home and getting lost in his elaborate subterranean sex dungeon.

23. Pennsylvania: taking a shower in water that has been poisoned by fracking.

24. Mississippi: never seeing a doctor.

25. Montana: loneliness.


Written by J. S. Wydra: @jswydra
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Hat Worn In Lieu Of Shower

Derek Mariscone, a 28-year-old social media manager from Chicago, successfully fooled everyone he encountered last Tuesday when he wore a hat instead of showering. Mariscone said the idea just came to him the night before.

“I was staying up late watching something that wasn’t porn,” said Mariscone, “and dreading how early I was going to have to get up the next day to shower before work. I didn’t want to shower, but I knew I had to.”

Mariscone recalled thinking that people would immediately be able to tell by the state of his hair that he had willfully neglected his personal hygiene.

“Then it hit me,” said Mariscone, “If I just wear a hat then no one will be able to see my hair, they won’t be able to tell that I’m actually a disgusting greaseball. I don’t know why no one has thought of this before.”

Mariscone strode about Chicago yesterday brimming with confidence despite feeling like an ape turd.

“Normally when I don’t bathe I just feel so gross and depressed the whole day,” said Mariscone. “I still felt it, of course, but this time nobody really saw it. They still saw me use my sleeves as napkins and cry in the Wendy’s parking lot, but I could tell this time people thought it was for a cool reason and not just because I’m a pathetic loser.”

Mariscone’s coworkers also noted a positive change in the man they once forgot about and accidentally locked in the building during a gas leak.

“I was actually planning on firing Derek today,” said Mariscone’s boss Sheila Burns, “but I saw some guy wearing a hat sitting at Derek’s desk, so I assume I already fired him during a coke high and just don’t remember. But I’ll tell you what I do remember, and it’s that that little moron never wore hats. It’s the one thing about him I found tolerable.”

Mariscone made no official claim as to whether or not he would undergo the full “hat guy” conversion.

“I guess I’ve thought about being a hat guy, I don’t know,” said Mariscone. “I mean, I’d have to change my name to Mike or Rob or something, and I’d probably have to start wearing shirts with words on them and post political things on Facebook. I don’t know, I’m really just experimenting right now.”

Mariscone said he’s unsure whether his future will be a hat filled one, but he was able to guarantee that he will quit bathing indefinitely.


Written by J. S. Wydra: @jswydra
Additional, unrelated news: @actlnews

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DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.

Neighbors’ Race Still a Mystery

Calvin and Olivia Jones from Chicago have yet to determine the race of the family that moved in to the apartment next door, reports say. The debate has continued since the family moved in last November and appears to get farther from a consensus with each new piece of evidence.

Calvin and Olivia have tried everything they could think of to solve this mystery, including searching through the family’s garbage, attempting to figure out what language they shout in, and using smell to try and identify what sort of food they’re cooking.

“It’s just so vexing,” said Olivia, “to be living next to someone and not know where they’re from. I mean, race isn’t like a big deal or anything. I’m not saying that because I’d be more afraid if they were from a certain place, that’s not what I mean. It’s just really weird not knowing.”

“It’s not like the sort of thing you can just bring up with them, either,” said Calvin. “I think the best thing we can do at this point is to just wait for the next World Cup and determine what country they’re rooting for based on how much our walls start to shake from noise.”


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.

Killer Advice #06 – Do I Give Up My Home or My Pet?

Hey ladies! It’s Thursday which means I’m back with another Killer Advice! Every week I answer your harder questions in life becuase it makes me feel imoprtant and this way you actually like know what to do with things.

So anyway this week’s question is from my fan Vicky from Chicago. She says…


Question: Dear Brittany, I just moved into a new apartment with my dog and didn’t find out until just recently that my new landlord hates dogs. He’s been my best friend for six years and now I’m finding out that I have to get rid of him or try looking for another apartment again, which was stressful enough the first time. The trouble is, anyone I know who’s willing to take him off of my hands lives too far away for me to visit. What should I do? Do I try to find a new place even though this apartment is perfect or should I give him away and barely get to see him again?


Answer: First of all thanks for writing in Vicky! Okay so this is a tough situation. A lot of people dont seem to understnd that anamals have the same souls as humans, like if you ask a psycic she will tell you the same thing. This is because many animals are reincaranated people. I met a racoon once who I just felt this conection with and it turns out we were lovers in are past lives. I took him to wear I was living at the time and we just stayed up alnight and talked for hours. But when I woke up he was gone and I was so lonely…

So yes I get what your feeling, and its hard to part with somoene that you care about. But heres the thing, theres no reason why you have to have one or the other. What right does your land lord have to tell you what to do? Your not a little girl anymore she doesnt have to treat you like one!

Demonstrate that you will kick her ass if she tries to pull this shit on you agian. Do some thing like lighting her car on fire or aranging a break in in to her apartment and just trash the place, than leave a note saying you know wear she lives and will cut her if she doesnt do what shes told. Its fine as long as you dont threten her first, if you do then you will go to jail but if not then she cant pin it on to you. You could also just try to like seduce her if you wanna be more suttle. Its you’re choice.


Anyway thats all of the time I have for today. Check back next week for another exciting addition of Killer Advice and make sure you ask me your questions in the comments or on Twitter!! 🙂 ❤


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By Brittany von Beuren: @BrittyBeuren

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Nation’s Ghosts Angered by Commercialization of Halloween

The year’s Halloween spirit is threatened by a number of angry spirits – many American ghosts have been speaking out against the capitalization of Halloween. Specters across the nation are convinced that the holiday has more to do with candy sales than it does with scaring the living.

“It’s become an abomination,” says Winston Montgomery III, former owner of a Virginia mansion who was murdered in his bedroom in 1938 and haunts the grounds to this day. “Scaring people on Halloween night used to be a time-honored tradition that I looked forward to year after year. Now I can’t so much as move a utensil or appear in a mirror without a five-year-old dressed as a superhero or a princess showing up at the door every five minutes.”

Many ghosts and ghouls are blaming candy manufacturers for the change in the holiday’s traditions. Workers at chocolate factories and candy stores across the nation have been receiving death-threats all month long, which haven’t been taken seriously since the people making these threats are proof that death isn’t really a big deal.

The dead decided to make their plight public over the weekend by attempting to organize a march in Chicago, but this proved fruitless since most of them didn’t have legs.


Circus Killer News: @circuskillernws
Circus Killer: @circuskillerprd
By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.