Toilet Rental Business Sweeps Nation

With the success of Airbnb, opportunists and capitalists across the United States have sought to get into the rental business, and a new private company has emerged in recent months that satisfy this American dream of making money without doing much.

“Globojohn” is a website and social networking service that allows users to register their commodes for rental use to anyone seeking to relieve his or herself on the go. The service was established in August, and has so far been used over 4.1 million times.

The company was founded by Pennsylvania native Dennis Catano who got the idea while sitting on the can himself. Thinking that spending 40 minutes on the toilet daily was a poor investment, Catano began renting out his own toilet to neighbors and passing vagrants, casually inviting all he encountered to “plop a squat on his pot” sometime. His small business became a success largely because his home is located half a block from a Chipotle.

Catano opened up his business to other renters shortly afterwards, creating a website through which Americans can register their toilets and find a globojohn in their area. By becoming a member of the Globojohn website, users can build up “poop points” to earn discounts and rewards for future visits. Users of the site can also log on to their profiles to write reviews of globojohns they’ve visited, and rank them on a scale from 1 to 5 wipes.


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