Area Treehouse to Lift Ban on Admittance of Girls

Fort Avendjers, a treehouse in Zachary’s backyard that his dad built, broke major ground this week by announcing it would eradicate its strict “no girls allowed” policy for this upcoming weekend.

“At this time all girls are allowed in the Fort as long as everyone is okay with it and they know the secret password,” Zachary announced at the conclusion of last weekend’s meeting.

Much of the weekend was spent debating the issue once Zachary and Tyler brought it up shortly after everyone finished playing superheroes this past Saturday. The debate was sparked when Zachary mentioned that Cindy Weir from across the street said she wanted to play, expressing a fondness in superheroes that Zachary had not expected to find in a girl.

Zachary was then accused of liking Cindy Weir, a point which he vehemently denied and claimed that she just wanted to play and isn’t as “Cindy Weird” as everyone thinks she is. It was at this point that Tyler defended Zachary, saying that if girls were allowed in Fort Avendjers then they might be able to even out the teams for when they play superheroes while Brian Needleman is at Karate.

Eventually the movement was passed on a vote with the only opposed being James from down the street who was very upset about the idea, but has also been really crabby in general ever since his mom left a few months ago. Girls will still not be able to vote on Fort functions and must pass mandatory cooties screenings if they wish to enter, but this is still a massive step for what some of the boys refer to as “the coolest most awesome Fort that was ever built in the history of forever.”


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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