Forlorn Scientist Accidentally Makes Self Invisible Unless in Presence of Naked or Undressing Women

Dr. Bartholomew Zimm met tragedy two weeks ago when one of his science experiments went horribly wrong. As a result of the accident, Zimm is now completely invisible and can only be detected by the human eye when he observes attractive women who are unclothed or disrobing.

Dr. Zimm was attempting to design a new cloaking mechanism when the accident took place. The device was to work by inserting an object into a large capsule and throwing a series of switches and levers on a console matrix. The object was then supposed to appear in a second capsule; only light waves would now pass through the object instead of bouncing off of it, creating the effect of invisibility.

Other scientists have assessed that the tragic error occurred when Zimm accidentally fell into the first capsule, bumping into a remote control that started the invis-o-matrix sequencing, and forgetting he had left a cache of pornographic material in the second capsule. Minutes later, Zimm emerged with his new affliction.

Zimm has been spotted in a number of women’s dressing rooms and locker rooms across the Bay Area over the last two weeks. Reportedly, Dr. Zimm has been using such opportunities to attempt to communicate with the only people who can see him, but these windows are short since everyone he has appeared to usually shrieks and quickly dresses before Zimm can get out anything other than, “Wait, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean t-”

Zimm’s colleagues may have found a way to reverse the accident, but not without the remote control that Dr. Zimm bumped into during his transformation. Zimm might be stuck this way for a while, then, since the remote is invisible as well and he can’t find it.


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