Arctic Shelf Voting to Secede from Polar Ice Cap

A particular arctic shelf of the polar ice cap has been speaking out for independence in recent months. Much of the ice wants to become its own shelf while some of it doesn’t want the extra responsibility of supporting its own family of polar bears. To solve the issue, the polar ice cap is allowing the shelf to vote for its freedom next Tuesday.

The shelf’s struggle for independence has been a topic as early as the last ice age, or “Glacial Period,” three million years ago. At this time, the polar ice cap was on a conquest to absorb every nearby ice shelf, creating the fifth and final Polar Ice Empire.

But the PIE didn’t last long. A climate change treaty was signed and much of the PIE fell apart. This particular arctic shelf is one of the only remaining pieces.

If the proposition to secede passes, many believe it will mark the end of an era and a new climate change treaty will need to be signed. In a recent survey, much of the world said they would support a new climate era, while some of the globe is warming up to the idea.


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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