Former NASA Analyst Claims to Have Seen Intelligent Life on Earth

Deb Burns, a retired geologist and extraterrestrial topography expert, has come forward with claims that she observed intelligent life on the planet Earth during her time working with NASA in the 1970s. Burns claims she witnessed these intelligent beings using their vastly superior knowledge to put other beings on the Moon, as well as use advanced technological devices to probe other regions of the solar system.

“I know it sounds insane,” said Burns, “but I know what I saw. There were teams of men and women using their minds to discover, explore and learn about the world around them. And all of this was happening on Earth.”

Burns says she saw this intelligence a number of times while studying photographs of Mars sent back from the Mariner 9 space probe, as well as images of Venus sent back from Mariner 10.

Other scientists have come forward with similar claims that seem to verify Burns’ statements. According to Hank Buckman, a physicist who helped design some of NASA’s probes, there was an “organization of intelligent minds” existing on Earth as late as the 1990s, which he says he witnessed despite having never worked directly with Burns.

NASA hasn’t yet commented on the matter and the US government has refused to release photos of Earth that might verify the claims. Conspiracy theorists across the nation, however, have become fascinated with the idea.

“Well yeah, of course there’s intelligent life on Earth,” says author and conspiracy theorist Woody Fairbrother who has written books about beings from Earth landing on the Moon. “I’m not sure what happened to it but I know for certain it was there.”

Earth’s apparent lack of intelligence now is an obstacle that many conspiracy theorists like Fairbrother struggle with, but Fairbrother and Burns herself haven’t lost hope.

“Maybe someday it’ll resurface,” Burns said. “I hope it does. Earth is facing a lot of global crises right now and the intervention of intelligent beings would go a long way.”


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