Fox News Committed to Mentioning Race at Least 30 Times a Day

An employee of the Fox Broadcasting company anonymously leaked that FOX News plans to bring up race at least 30 times each day for the next year.  The information did not come as a shock to most FOX News viewers since it was leaked via Twitter and FOX News’ primary demographic is too elderly to figure out social media.

This new plan has already been observed in several of FOX News’ recent stories.  “Fox & Friends,” for example, killed 26 minutes speculating how the pilot of the crashed AirAsia flight was probably Asian.  Additionally, President Barack Obama’s race was brought up every time a story about the President aired.

Some news analysts believe that this change is the result of Fox Network executives recognizing “race” as a media buzzword, while others suspect that executives at FOX are genuinely curious about racial subjects since they’ve seldom come across anyone that isn’t white.

On the most recent edition of  “The O’Reilly Factor,”  TV host and senility advocate Bill O’Reilly did a segment called  “Top 5 Ways to Recognize a Black Person,”  in which he expressed in detail his observations about racial boundaries and young people music.

A spokeswoman for FOX was asked to comment on the matter, but the company wouldn’t let her speak because she’s a woman.


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