College Students Killed During Shootout Between Police and Illicit Textbook-Smuggling Ring

A deadly shootout occurred this morning between police and members of an illegal textbook ring at Stanford University. 2 students were killed during the shooting with 6 more in the hospital. No police officers were harmed.

One of the students injured was 22-year-old Philip Romero who reportedly was the mastermind behind the textbook cartel. Said Romero from the hospital, “I don’t regret what I’ve done. I provided a service for struggling college students like myself. If I have to meet the full force of the law then so be it but I regret nothing.”

The FBI has been investigating this scholastic cartel since early this past fall when shipments of illegal textbooks from Columbia started going missing. It is now believed that Romero and a few of his peers hijacked the shipments to obtain textbooks needed for their classes after realizing that they wouldn’t be able to afford the textbooks legally.

Romero then began selling their surplus of textbooks on the streets, first starting with knowledge junkies and gradually moving up to high-level education distributors (or “teachers” in street slang). Halfway through last fall semester, Romero and his cartel had established a textbook empire throughout the greater Stanford area.

A truck under Romero’s control containing 20 kilos of illegal textbooks was pulled over by officer Dave Matthews this morning when he caught the driver reading behind the wheel. The shootout occurred shortly afterward. In light of the recent loss of life, the FBI has promised to step up its efforts in dismantling Romero’s organization.


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