Woman’s Unfinished Screenplay Only Conversation Topic During Entire Night Out

25-year-old Millicent Ferris was spotted in a Manhattan bar last Saturday where she reportedly spent every conversation talking about her unfinished screenplay. Every stranger Millicent spoke with that evening has come forward admitting that it was about the most boring night out any of them had experienced.

“On and on she was going with this movie thing,” said Dave Tucci, one of the men Millicent conversed with. “I was like, good God, lady, if this is what you’re like the night of, I don’t even want to know what you’re like the morning after.”

Millicent graduated college with a degree in finance but has spent the last three years unemployed so that she has time to work on her screenplay. Millicent moved to New York shortly after graduating to “be inspired” and “ease her tortured soul” while she lives off of checks her parents send.

“Yeah, I’m a creative,” said Millicent. “I like to express myself. It’s not my fault if nobody listens to my voice or what I have to say, whether or not it’s about the screenplay I’m working on. It’s called ‘Ghosts of Our Mothers’ and it’s about this girl who moved to New York and she’s trying to write a screenplay but she doesn’t really know what it’s about…”

Millicent continued on to tell us about her screenplay. Now this is just one reporter’s opinion, but it’s a confusing piece of hippie garbage that I wouldn’t even watch inebriated.


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