Older Child Gets to Tell Story

Tommy Warber, an 8-year-old boy from Harristown, Virginia, was greatly disappointed yesterday when his older brother Ray told their parents an awesome story that the brothers had agreed Tommy would tell. Tommy views this blatant disregard for their verbal contract as a betrayal of the highest degree.

“Ray promised I could tell the story and you’re not supposed to break your promises,” said Tommy. “Unless you’re a meanie, then you are. And my brother’s a meanie.”

The story in question is that the two brothers saw each other in school in between classes. This is an unusual occurrence because Tommy is in second grade and his brother is in fourth, and students in those grades have class at opposite ends of the building. The brothers ran into each other because Ray’s class had to attend a presentation on bullying in the library.

“It’s not fair,” continued Tommy. “Ray always gets to tell the stories. I never get to tell them. He says it’s ‘cause he’s older but we’re brothers so I should get a turn too.”

Tommy’s parents have not intervened on the matter and in fact seemed uninterested in the story. This, according to Tommy, is because his parents “have just been really quiet since mommy saw dad hugging Dave S.’s mom at soccer.”


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