Drone Operators to be Replaced with Drones

The US military announced this week that it has been funding a project that will replace Armed Attack Drone operators with “microdrones” that can be operated at an even safer distance from combat. The Microdrone Project has been underway for some time now and will likely be fully operational by the end of this year.

“One of our biggest concerns,” said US Army spokesperson Jack MacIntyre, “is the safety of our drone operators, and we feel that current safety precautions are simply not where they can be. Using microdrones, we can safely operate a drone operation facility hundreds of miles away from the facility itself.”

Each drone operating station can be operated by eight microdrones, each of which are in turn operated by one person. This teamwork is something that the military has been lacking since the start of the drone era, however the choice to move ahead with the Microdrone Project was a purely resource-conscious decision.

“Frankly, the military is in danger of outgrowing itself,” says Hershel Tolmpkin, a current private defense strategist and former military colonel. “The military has so much money and soldiers right now and not enough countries to invade. By adding more personnel and resources to the operation of one drone, they fix that issue.”


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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