Protestors Begin Protesting Protests

Violent and nonviolent protests alike have been cropping up across the United States for issues including racial discrimination, homosexual rights and the deletion of Joss Whedon’s Twitter account. Many protestors, however, have gathered to protest the drastic increase of public demonstrations that are growing more and more commonplace in America every day.

“We’re getting sick of this being the only thing we see on the news,” says protestor Gayle Sweeney, one of the founders of Protestors Protest Protesting (PPP). “I want to get back to seeing the news that actually matters, like pregnant celebrities and cats who know how to dial 911, and that isn’t going to happen until these people put down their signs, go back inside and just watch TV like they should.”

“Last night, I wanted to treat myself to a night out at Chili’s,” says Baltimore resident and PPP member Garry Zucker. “I drove two blocks before hitting a mob that completely blocked the streets. If that happened when I was going to work, that’d be great. But it’s only when I’m trying to go somewhere that I actually want to be. It needs to stop.”

The PPP has showed up at several demonstrations, including a rally of religious conservatives who had gathered in D.C. to protest the Supreme Court marriage equality vote. Unfortunately a rally of marriage equality supporters had already showed up across the street from the marriage equality protestors, so the PPP was forced to share the middle of the road in between the two sides of protestors with the D.C. police who had showed up to contain the protesting. The amorphous blob of shouting and protesting eventually fused into one combined protest against the lack of order, personal space and bathrooms at all public demonstrations.


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Racially Motivated Riots Becoming Nation’s Newest Fitness Crave

Violent protests and racially charged riots are breaking out across the United States, and some Americans have found a means of using this chaos to their advantage. A decent percentage of the protestors, both black and white, have admitted they only participate in the riots to get some exercise.

“It just works for me,” says Carla Newton, one of the protestors in Ferguson. “I never have time to get to the gym, so instead I just run home from work, join a mob and toss a few bricks through some windows. It’s a really invigorating workout.”

The protests have spread to Los Angeles and have caught on quickly due to the city’s prominent fitness crowd. The true meaning of the protests, however, is lost on many of the new rioters.

“I’d be lying if I said I knew what the start of all this was,” says Ramon McNeil, a Los Angeles native who takes part in the riots whenever he can. “All I know is that flipping a car over with your buddies is a lot cheaper and a lot more fun than lifting weights at a gym or workout center.”

Many Americans who are passionate about the racial discrimination and police brutality issues are disgusted by the participation of America’s fitness nuts. In an effort to disassociate from the health crowd, some of the original protestors have stopped their violent demonstrations and begun practicing more peaceful ones. Authorities have caught onto this and have been instructed to only pacify protestors wearing sweatbands and gym shorts.


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.