12 Creative Ways To Recycle Old Technology

Technology has become a large part of everyone’s lives, but with new technological breakthroughs happening almost everyday, the amount of techno-junk in our homes keeps piling up. Here are some creative ways to recycle some of your outdated devices.


1. With a little bit of tinkering you can turn any old appliance into a robot slave that can clean, cook, and vaporize intruders.

2. Beepers, pagers, and palm pilots are just catching on in Kyrgyzstan. You can sell them on eBay for a small fortune.

3. Pretty much any piece of old tech can be used to build a bomb. Also you’re now on a watch list just for reading that last sentence.

4. Store all your movies digitally so you can make a sexy bikini from your DVDs.

5. If you live in the US, you can donate your old smartphones, computers, tablets, and appliances to Immigration Services where they will be used as material for Trump’s border wall.

6. Throw your old cell phone into the ocean. All the creatures of the sea are delighted when humans bestow them with unwanted trash.

7. All your old cassettes can be used as tinder after we bomb ourselves back to the stone age.

8. A broken microwave can easily be converted into a heat-ray that you can use to take over a city.

9. You can use that old VCR of yours to store bread.

10. You can use that broken toaster of yours to store VHS tapes.

11. Use outdated computer parts to construct your first girlfriend you nerd.

12. Indiana Jones got it right; old, unused refrigerators can be repurposed as nuclear bomb shelters. Keep that in mind in 2018.


Written by J. S. Wydra: @jswydra
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