Dinner at Friendly’s Clearly a Big Deal for Family at Other Table

Couple Marcy Allen and Cindy Schumacher became filled with sympathy yesterday when they stopped for dinner at a Friendly’s on their way back from an out-of-state Easter get-together, and realized that the family sitting nearest to them had dressed up for their dinner.

“At first I thought they had maybe been with family all day for Easter like Mark and I had,” said Cindy, “and that’s why they were dressed up. But then the mother told one of the younger children to not play with her food because if she spilled any it would ‘ruin her restaurant clothes.’ That means they dressed out of their Easter wear and put on formal dining clothes just so that they could go to Friendly’s.”

“It’s literally right off the highway,” said Marcy. “There’s no back way into [the restaurant]. That means they all piled into a car and got onto a 4-lane highway just so they could get here. Is there just nothing else where they live or something?”

Marcy and Cindy really started feeling bad for the other family when the restaurant’s only waitress came out to sing a birthday song.

“It wasn’t for any of the kids,” continued Cindy, “it was for the father. He turned 41-years-old yesterday and decided to celebrate at Friendly’s. I mean it just terrifies me that people live that way.”

Marcy and Cindy felt so uncomfortable that they ended up skipping desert, which is really the only reason why anyone goes to Friendly’s.


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By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra

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