Starbucks Again Honors Adorably Overweight Spice Girl with “Pumpkin Spice Latte”

Starbucks has once again whipped out its traditional “Pumpkin Spice Latte” in honor of Melissa Bentley, the sixth member of the famous ‘90s British pop group “The Spice Girls,” who died around this time four years ago. Bentley was better known to her fans as “Pumpkin Spice,” a nickname given to her in light of her noticeably round figure and orange skin.

Bentley’s addition to the iconic musical group was a landmark in pop culture at the time, having joined on for her raw musical talent instead of her looks. Bentley was responsible for the non-lyrical portions of each song, vocally “beatboxing” every tone and percussive sound that wasn’t sung by the other Spice Girls. She was typically found just off stage during performances, hiding behind curtains as a result of her debilitating stage fright. Her fear of being seen is also why she doesn’t appear in any pictures with the rest of the group.

When The Spice Girls went on their “indefinite hiatus” in December of 2000, Bentley married into the Starbucks family. Many of the bizarre hit flavors that Starbucks has produced over the years were created by Bentley, who was known to often mix together as many foods as possible before consuming them. Her passing in late October of 2010 is still honored by the company, which, along with the rest of the Spice World, laments her tragic death of getting lost inside a pile of leaves.


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