Repeat Restaurant Patrons Catching On That Soup of the Day is the Same Every Day

Barnedelli’s Italian Grill became the site of a conspiracy last week when word got out that the restaurant was serving the same “Soup of the Day” each day for at least seven or so weeks. The story broke when frequent customers started chitchatting about the family-owned non-chain New Jersey-based establishment and mutually realized that they hadn’t been served a different soup in nearly two months.

Charlotte Edmunds was one such customer. “I was talking to my friend Isabel,” Charlotte told a reporter last week, “and we got on to how good the soup is at Barnedelli’s. And we both realized that the six or seven times we’ve both been there in the last few months, on different days, the Soup of the Day was always the same. White clam fish soup with basil.”

Charlotte then asked her other friends if they had dined at Barnedelli’s recently and found they all had similar stories as well as similar suspicions. It was then that Charlotte spoke with a reporter for the local paper. Hours after their meeting, however, Charlotte died in a car bomb explosion.

Isabel Ortega was outraged by her friend’s death and began speaking out against Barnedelli’s. Since then, Isabel has received numerous death threats by an unknown caller, warning her to shut up about the soup unless she wants to meet a similar fate. Additionally, the reporter that Charlotte spoke to has disappeared.

Rumors began circulating that a legal case is being filed against Barnedelli’s Italian Grill for starter negligence, but the restaurant’s owner has shrugged it off, saying, “Good luck gettin’ anyone to testify.”


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