Mom Makes it to Midnight During New Year’s Eve, Family Shocked

The Scott family is still astonished by family matriarch Morgan Scott’s ability to stay awake last night in time to see the New Year’s ball drop in New York City. This marks the first time since her children were born that Morgan was able to stay awake until midnight over New Year’s Eve.

“I think all of us are in a state of complete astonishment,” said Morgan’s husband Dennis. “I truly thought we’d never see it happen again.”

Morgan is notorious within the family for going to bed early every night and her husband and children often make fun of her for it. Now that she’s broken that glass ceiling, the family has been struggling to find other flaws to point out.

“What’s worse is she keeps rubbing it in our faces,” said Morgan’s son Jeremy. “Like staying up for New Year’s is a normal thing that everyone does and she’s acting like she just cured cancer.”

In fact, Morgan is as pleased with herself as her family is shocked. Morgan’s ability to stay up for New Year’s was the primary conversation topic over breakfast because Morgan constantly brought it up.

“She’s lost it,” said Morgan’s teenage daughter Debbie. “She won’t stop posting about it on Facebook and it’s weirding me out.”


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