Tech-Illiterate Mother Insists Computers a Passing Fad

Jeanne Harlow of Cattletuck, Nebraska, accounts her refusal to own and learn how to operate a computer on her belief that digital technology is just a trend.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before,” said Harlow, “but you just watch. All this ‘technology’ and ‘internet connections’ will be gone by the end of the year.”

Harlow is a mother of six and lives in a predominately rural community that only just got dial-up internet last month. Many people in her community have since welcomed the town’s passage into the low-speed internet superhighway, but Harlow simply isn’t buying it.

“They said the same thing with the automobile and look what happened with that? The car came out and replaced it,” Harlow continued. “That’s why it’ll never stick, people will just get fed up with what they don’t understand until something new comes out and they’ll throw it away. It’s the same with computers and cell phones.”

Harlow’s children are upset with their mother for forbidding technology in their home. One of her daughters created a fake cell phone out of cardboard and a shard of broken glass just to fit in with the other children at her school.

“My family got along fine without all this technological crap,” said Harlow. “For generations we survived without these iPhones, video-whats-its and toilet paper. We’ll get along just fine for generations more.”


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