Loose Cannon Cop Waits Until Last Minute to File Paperwork

Sgt. Jack McMahon of the Los Angles police department was nearly suspended yesterday for periodically filing his paperwork at the last possible minute.

McMahon is known throughout the precinct for always breaking the rules and doing things his own way. Some of the other stunts he’s pulled include leaving his badge on his desk while getting a candy bar from the vending machine, and not telling custodial staff when he uses the last of the toilet paper.

Some of the cops in the precinct admire McMahon’s renegade, plays-by-his-own-rules style, but others, like Police Chief Gunderson, feel that McMahon’s attitude is hurting the precinct’s image.

“His recklessness is costing this city out the nose,” said Police Chief Gunderson. “But goddamn it if he isn’t the best cop on the force.”

For a while, Chief Gunderson had partnered McMahon with a straight-laced cop who follows the rules and plays it by the book in hopes that it would teach McMahon a little bit about respect and integrity. Their partnership exploded, however, when McMahon’s partner caught the loose cannon doing his wife.

Sorry, that was a typo. It should read “…doing his wife’s paperwork.”


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