13 Tips For Getting That Perfect Beach Body

With beach season nearly here it’s time for us all to shed our gross winter bodies and show off the normal attractive human body we’ve been gestating for seven months. But if you’re not a slug monster then you’ll have to get that summer bod a more traditional way. Here’s a few tips on how to fit into that swimsuit that you said you’d throw out last year.


1. Running is a great way to get in shape. If you need a little extra motivation to get moving, hire someone to kill you.

2. Cover yourself in a mirror suit so that no one can see your gross body. This will also keep you cool and blind anyone that annoys you.

3. Use an app.

4. Trying eating only newspaper and receipts for a whole month.

5. Be rich enough that your looks don’t matter.

6. Surgery is always an option. Try that one where they slice you open and toss rabid squirrels in your fatty parts.

7. Draw people’s eyes away from your gross body by going to the beach with someone attractive, such as a guy who’s attended business school or a woman whose father owns a boat.

8. Use a weight loss drug such as cocaine or meth.

9. Tattoo a skinny person onto your body to fool everyone.

10. Travel to the center of the galaxy and consume the singularity at its core.

11. Try one of those new slimming five-piece bikinis.

12. Hire a body double to go to the beach for you.

13. Join a gym. The effort it takes to get in your car, drive to a gym and fill out a membership form will burn off at least eight calories.


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Cop Lets Off Serial Killer with a Warning

Todd Hammond, a notorious serial killer who has been preying on women in the suburbs of Minneapolis, was finally caught yesterday by police officer Dennis Abernathy.  Abernathy, however, let Hammond go with a warning.

“I’ll let it slide this time,” Abernathy reportedly said.  “But don’t let me catch you doing this again or you will be in serious trouble.”

Todd Hammond was known as “The Butterfly Man” by authorities for always leaving butterfly wings near his victims. Hammond had been eluding Minnesota state detectives for months before the FBI was called in to lead the investigation in October.  The game of cat-and-mouse that ensued was interrupted this morning when Officer Abernathy pulled Hammond over for a faulty brake light and discovered dismembered body parts in his trunk and a jar of butterfly wings in his rear seat.

Hammond pleaded with Abernathy for half a minute before the officer decided to let the killer go.  Abernathy was later questioned by the federal agents leading the investigation.

“Bringing in a serial killer, there’s a lot of paperwork to fill out,” Abernathy said during his questioning.  “Usually we don’t step up our game on this sort of thing until the end of the month anyway, that’s when we’re worried about making our quota on psychopath arrests.”

Abernathy says he isn’t sure where Hammond was heading, though it’s in Hammond’s MO to leave his victims dismembered and in a public area.  If anyone in the Twin Cities region spots anything suspicious, report it at the end of the month.


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DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.