All of us recognize the saxophone as the sexiest instrument in the world, but few of us know much else about it. Over 90% of Americans have no idea where saxophones come from, even though an additional 60% of Americans sleep with one under their bed every night without even realizing it. Circus Killer News sent a team of highly trained investigators to go out and learn as much as they could about that new sushi place that just opened up down the road. Meanwhile we spent five minutes looking up saxophones on the internet. Here’s what we found.

Many Americans believe that the saxophone was given to man thousands of years ago, when the biblical Abraham and his wife Sarah were having issues conceiving a child. To help out his bro, God gifted Abraham with a tenor saxophone, promising that it was a tool that would end their pregnancy problems. Abraham studied the instrument and became the greatest saxophonist who ever lived, and the sounds of that magnificent brass horn were so erotic that it made Sarah pregnant the first time he played it in front of her.

While that tale is highly plausible, science shows us that it isn’t true. We now know that saxophones are created in supernova explosions, and that millions of saxophones rain down on this planet every 63,000 years in a span of five minutes. The first saxophones were found by archeologist Dr. Esteban von Sax while digging holes in the ground to hide from bullies. Dr. Sax first thought that he found strange, misshapen dinosaurs, but when he placed his mouth on the end of one – as any archeologist would – he discovered that the beautiful brass shape that he found in the dirt was actually a majestic musical instrument. This is where the saxophone got the nicknames, “dirt horn,” “brass fossil,” and “dirty brass prehistoric mystical shape organ from the dirt.”

There are many different types of saxophones, including alto, tenor, bass, piano, unleaded, semi-automatic, and trans. Each one controls a different element of nature. Only The Sage – a master saxophonist who appears once a generation – can wield all of them. The Sage is the deadliest man on Earth with a saxophone, and he never uses his powers for good. Ever.

The average saxophone has thirty-two keys, plus four wisdom keys that sometimes appear during young adulthood. The price of a saxophone is determined by how loudly its keys jingle and jangle about in the wind. When played, each key of the saxophone is pressed down to unlock a different piece of the player’s soul. If every key is pressed at the same time then the player’s soul is instantly ejected from his or her body, and they must use the instrument to suck it back in before they die.

We’re learning more and more about saxophones every day, but they remain to be one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. If you or someone you know has seen a saxophone lately, contact the authorities immediately.


Written by J. S. Wydra

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SPECIAL REPORT: Public Schools

September is here, and most of America’s youth will find itself inducted into the public school system. It’s no secret that the US falls short in education, but what exactly is the cause behind this educational degeneration? Circus Killer News sent its youngest-looking reporter, Laney Petrelles, to pose undercover as a high school student at Middle Brooks High School in Connecticut to bring you the full public school experience. We also sent our most depressed-looking reporter, Joel Koenner, to pose as a teacher at the same school.

Laney reported that high school has changed a lot since her days as an actual student thirty-three years ago. Every arts program and foreign language course in the Middle Brooks school district was gradually cut over time, but students still needed to take eight classes. The cut courses were replaced with things like “America Appreciation,” where students are taught how to appreciate the United States through song, prayer, and military service. Another one of these pap electives is “Second Lunch,” where students are allowed to extend their lunch break to double the legally required six minutes of lunchtime allotted to them. Another still was simply called “Books,” which has no course description. Laney reports that “Books” is taught by an actual book that a custodian props up on a desk for one hour. Additionally, many students are no longer required to take a gym class ever since the school board classified texting as physical exercise.

Joel found that teaching methods have undergone some change as well. Teachers are now encouraged to show videos instead of talking to their students. They are no longer allowed to design their own curriculums, but rather must use their own money to purchase a “curriculum packet” from the federal government that comes preloaded with every assignment, exam, and study guide the teacher will need for that year. Teaching, Joel found, is no longer a profession for optimistic thinkers eager to shape young minds. Rather, teaching is usually either a part time gig for out-of-work musicians and actors, a dumping zone for the Witness Protection Program, or a practice job for not-so-charismatic cult leaders looking to hone their skills.

While looking for the perspectives of other students, Laney managed to insert herself into every clique at Middle Brooks High. She bought herself a new car and expensive clothes to get in with the popular girls, sold narcotics and steroids to the jocks in order to gain their trust, became accepted by the hipsters by introducing them to music from her high school days that they had never heard before, and developed a sense of humor so she could fit in with the geeks, dorks, and nerds. Though these cliché groups of students had their differences, they all shared a loathing of the system, a palpable anxiety, and one singular piece of gum that has been passed down from each senior class over decades.


Written by J. S. Wydra: @jswydra
Additional, unrelated news: @actlnews

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DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.

12 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Cool

Everyone wants to be cool, but like money or a good head of hair, coolness is impossible to obtain unless you’re born with it. Fortunately people are idiots, so tricking them into thinking you’re a cool person isn’t all that difficult. Just make sure that you follow these simple tips.


1. Fashion is a primary indicator of coolness, and it’s always changing. Try to keep up with the latest fashion trends by watching teenagers from behind a bush.

2. Protesting is really in right now, so pretend like you care about something other than yourself.

3. Tattoos are only cool if you have only one and it’s of a bird or a triangle or something. Never get a tattoo that people have to read. Reading is for dorks.

4. The type of phone you use says a lot about how cool you are. iPhones are the coolest, but keep in mind that your next phone can only be an iPhone if your current phone is an iPhone. That’s how cool they are.

5. Feign bisexuality.

6. Choose your career wisely. Right now the coolest professions are actor, sex worker, and YouTube vlogger, while the most un-cool professions are reporter, President, and comedy blogger.

7. Be in a band, but only as a hobby.

8. The nerdy things of the past have become the cool things of the present, i.e. superheroes and video games. Get a leg-up on the cool things of the future by hoarding the nerdy things of now, i.e. Facebook accounts and anything from Japan.

9. Start familiarizing yourself with music performed by people who wear things that can’t legally be considered clothing.

10. Make up words that have no meaning, but say it with enough confidence that people want to copy you. It’s the best way to flipshop your bumskibibble.

11. Elective dietary restrictions are really cool right now. Pick a delicious thing and make up a reason for why you can’t have it.

12. Vape.


Written by J. S. Wydra: @jswydra
Additional, unrelated news: @actlnews

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Celeb Watch #01 – Angelina Jolie; Pitbull; Ashton Kutcher

Welcome to the first edition of Circus Killer News’  “Celeb Watch.”  We always have our eye on the latest celebrity gossip and will be bringing you the inside scoop of the private lives of celebrities every Tuesday.  Here are this week’s stories:


1. Angelina Jolie Adopts Nation of Uganda

Angelina Jolie’s legal acquisition of Uganda and its people were made official today becoming the latest milestone in the actress’s journey to ending all poverty. Jolie announced last May that adopting four children, frequent visits to third world nations and large charitable donations were simply not enough to satisfy her need to end poverty on a personal level, and that adopting the entire nation of Uganda was the next step to achieve this goal. Jolie is currently financing a massive bridge to connect her home in Beverly Hills with her new country for easier access to her 40 million children.


2. Pitbull Hires Private Detective to Find Long Lost Hair

Rumor has it that Pitbull, the American rapper, has allegedly hired a private investigator to find out what happened to his hair. Pitbull lost his hair in the early 1990s while touring in Chernobyl and has never been the same without it; many of his songs took a depressing turn directly afterwards. Emotionally he recovered within the last decade but it’s commonly known that the peachy roundness of his head has left an empty hole in his heart that can only be masked with 1960s driving glasses. Pitbull has not yet confirmed whether or not this private investigator story is legitimate, but I think we’re all hoping for a reunion at some point in the near future.


3. Ashton Kutcher to Finally Take a Shower

Lastly, Ashton Kutcher announced via Twitter this morning that he is finally going to take a shower. This will be the actor’s first shower in 9 years, according to the same tweet. Kutcher evidently decided not to bathe purely out of laziness, promising himself that he would just do it tomorrow every single day for years. He came out in early 2013 as a clinically diagnosed ablutophobe (one who fears bathing), and has been struggling with his fears ever since. Now it seems he is ready to face those fears and give showering a try.


That’s it for this week’s  “Celeb Watch.”  Come back every Tuesday for the lastest on celebrity gossip!


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DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.