Top Cause Of Death In All 50 States (Part 2)

A recent survey found that death is the third most common fear among US citizens, right after nuclear war and spiders. Many Americans feel the need to take precautions against that which can kill them, but more often than not they are ignorant as to which mortal perils are lurking in their area. This list of the most common cause of death in each of the 50 states will help you better understand which dangers to look out for.
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1. Minnesota: freezing to death.

2. Georgia: various STD’s from a prostitute named “Peaches.”

3. New York: trampled by Times Square tourists.

4. Iowa: getting lost on your way to Illinois.

5. North Dakota: shot by Canadian border patrol while attempting to illegally flee the United States.

6. Connecticut: alcohol poisoning at a Yale frat house.

7. California: attacked by a shark while sunbathing in a celebrity’s backyard that you snuck onto.

8. North Carolina: injuries acquired during a NASCAR explosion.

9. Hawaii: stepping too close to an active volcano.

10. Wyoming: stepping too close to an active geyser.

11. Kansas: tornadoes.

12. New Mexico: leftover radiation from nuclear weapons tests and the Roswell crash.

13. Louisiana: voodoo curse.

14. West Virginia: complications from inbreeding.

15. Alabama: crushed under the weight of a collapsing Confederate statue.

16. New Jersey: suffering a heart attack in an empty casino where there’s no one around to help.

17. Michigan: not being able to afford clean water.

18. Nebraska: not being white enough.

19. Ohio: choking to death on corn.

20. Tennessee: becoming a megachurch’s sacrificial offering.

21. Nevada: bachelor party.

22. South Dakota: attacked by a bald eagle after defiling Mount Rushmore.

23. New Hampshire: wounds sustained in the Great Vermont-New Hampshire Border War.

24. Colorado: getting stranded on a ski lift that is being operated by someone under the influence of marijuana.

25. Texas: lethal injection after being convicted of a misdemeanor.


Written by J. S. Wydra: @jswydra
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Area Man Unsure if He at Right Funeral

Dan Knapur, a pharmacist from Maryland, has started to question whether or not he is currently at the correct funeral. The funeral he should be at right now is for an ex-boyfriend of his friend Lisa whom he was supposed to meet at the funeral. Lisa, however, was nowhere to be found.

“Where the hell is she?” Dan thought to himself an hour and a half ago. “I have no idea who this guy is, I don’t want to be here alone. It’s rude or something.”

Suspicion initially arose during the eulogy, which was given by the wife of the deceased. “Jesus, this guy was married?” thought Dan. “To her? That woman is in her 50s… when the hell did he and Lisa break up? Wait a second, why does this woman keep saying ‘David’ over and over? I thought his name was Antoine.”

Dan then noticed that most of the men attending the funeral were wearing yamakas, the traditional ceremonial headwear of the Jewish people.

“Huh. Lisa never told me she dated a Jew,” thought Dan. “Unless there are some Christians who wear those things, too. That’s possible, right? I heard that Mormons wear a different kind of underwear… I’m sure there’s some Christians that uses those hats.”

Soon Dan forgot all about Lisa and was moved by proceedings. He became enthralled by the stories of David’s life and all the people he touched. As Dan followed the funeral procession from the synagogue to Mount Chutzpah cemetery, Dan found himself reflecting on his own mortality and how important it is to hold onto the right people and let the wrong ones go.

“I need to tell Lisa I love her,” thought Dan at the burial. “I need to show her that I’m here for her and will always be by her side. Not right now, obviously, but you know… eventually.”


By Jacob S. Wydra: @jswydra
Additional, unrelated news: @actlnews

DISCLAIMER: Circus Killer News is a faux news blog. None of the stories on this site should be taken seriously or literally.

Killer Advice #11 – How Do I Fake My Own Death?

Heya ladies!! Happy thursday and well come back to a nother addition of Killer Advice with me, Brittany von Beuren!

Last week I covered a very serious topic about how to deal with a stalker, and in it I mentioned that sometimes its best just to fake yout own death. Ive been getting alot of questions all week about how to do that so today im just gonna go over the best ways you can do that.


So the first think you need todo is should be to get rid of suspistion by doing somthing that noone would do if they new they would soon die. So somthing like getting a new car or adopting a kid are great things to do before yuo dissapeer becos peeple will see that an think oh well she wanted to take care of those things and thats y she got em so somthin musthave hapend to her. Becose usualy peeple will wanto take every thing witth em when ever they want to go a way four ever.

Next your gonna half to think of the way your gonna do it. Fire always works best for me ive found cos thy can only identefy you buy teeth then. Just ripout a few and you should be good, I ript out all mine a few years ago an keep them in a bag so if i ever hav to disappeer again I can jsut burn down an apart ment builsing or hospittal or somthin and skatter afew of them around. Im not ugly tho!! I blew some dentist to give me new ones lol

Lasly jus make sure you have sumwear to go. Alotta peeple get cot becos they just head for the high way or a trane an get help form a frend in a nother city. But the police and the feds look in those places and inter view all your closest ppl so you gotta keep them in the dark unles your shore they wont rat out on you. Also dont be a fraid!! Its not hard to make it in a new city aslong as your willing to get mean, dirty and things put in to your body.


Thats it for this week! I hope all you ladies in need of a new start found this helpful. Be sure to keep asking your questions in the commets here or on my own Twitter. until then, have a lovely week! Bye!! 🙂 ❤


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CEO Switches Places with Homeless Man to Gain Existential Perspective, Dies

Jeremy Vallin, CEO of the Larson, Allen & Larson Group, was found dead in an alleyway in Manhattan early yesterday morning after reportedly switching places with a vagrant in search of enlightenment. Cause of death is still being determined, though money withdrawal seems to be the most likely explanation.

Vallin took over LAL in 2005. Ever since a brush with bankruptcy during the recession in 2009, Vallin supposedly became interested in mysticism and existentialism, viewing the almost collapse of his company as a near-death experience. Under his new philosophies, Vallin encouraged LAL employees to live life to the fullest, connect with the spirits of nature, and don’t expect anymore Christmas bonuses since money isn’t important.

The homeless man with whom Vallin switched places calls himself “Jeremiah.” No one suspected Jeremiah, who spoke often of “government mind-control beams” and the time he hosted a potluck dinner with Jesus, since those are the sort of right-wing, fundamentalist ramblings of any number of CEOs.

Jeremiah admitted to the ruse when Vallin’s body was identified yesterday. He was found with nothing but the clothes on his back and a mere $6,730.65 in cash.


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